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  There were 669 fatalities that occurred in roadway work zones in the U.S. in 2014. Of those crashes, the following factors were involved: ·       Lack of seat belt use ·       Speeding ·       Alcohol ·       Time of day (65% were during the day, 35% were at night) ·       Day of week (most crashes occurred on […]

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released the top issues they want to address in 2016. Some of these issues have a direct impact on the safety of drivers in commercial fleets. Here are the safety issues that are directly related to the trucking industry. Reducing Major Crashes According to the NTSB, the increase […]

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) discovered that driver fatigue has played a part in many of the major crashes over the last few years. Their concern has led to the board making fatigue the number one issue they want to deal with in 2016. Fatigue Involved in 20% of Major Crashes Of the over […]

Every day in the US over 1,000 people are injured and nine people are killed by distracted drivers. These drivers are behind the wheel of personal vehicles, company cars and tractor-trailers. Do you know what your employees are doing when they are behind the wheel of your business vehicles? Most People Don’t Know They Are […]

The federal government, insurance carriers, and even transportation companies have praised onboard video systems as a way to reduce the risk of collision. However, the costs can be prohibitive and many drivers fear that companies will use the cameras as a way to spy on employees. Can the benefits of installing video monitoring equipment outweigh […]

Business owners understand that accidents are expensive and are best avoided. Yet few fully appreciate the total cost to the business if one of their commercial truck drivers is directly involved. More Than Just Vehicle Damage First, it is important to understand that the costs of an accident usually includes more than just vehicle damage. Some of the […]

It costs less to keep an existing employee than it does to replace them. This is a fundamental component of employee management. But did you know that transportation businesses reap additional benefits from employee retention? When you increase retention, you decrease the number of driver-related crashes for your fleet. High Turnover Rate The commercial transportation […]

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