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Peterbilt Motor Company has pledged at least $25,000 in support of the Women in Trucking Association (WIT), becoming the organization’s newest gold member and expanding the existing partnership between the two. Since joining in 2016, Peterbilt has actively participated in the association as a corporate member, according to WIT. “Peterbilt prides itself on having a […]

Long-lost siblings discover each other, leading to unique relationship between trucker, students [From kokomoperspective.com] When Howard Elementary School second-grade teacher Dianne Taylor found out she had a 61-year-old half-brother last year, it was a shock — but she’s had some time to process it. Over the past school year, she’s gotten to know her half-brother, […]

[from CDLLife.com] A trucking company is sharing the story of how one of their drivers saved the life of a fellow truck driver while he was waiting for his truck to get unloaded. On Thursday, April 4, Hirschbach shared a Facebook post detailing how one of their newest drivers, Army veteran Rick Shearer stepped up to save the […]

Share [info from ttnews.com] Despite growing concerns in the trucking industry over a rise in the legal use of marijuana, there is a general lack of research on the relationship between use of the drug and crashes, as well as a need for better law-enforcement tools and training to detect impaired-driver use of the drug, […]

Share [info from detroitnews.com] New Castle, Pa. – For 25 days, Ashanti eluded her rescuers. Over a 10-mile stretch, up and down Interstate 376 and into Union and Neshannock townships, a group of 15 determined animal lovers tracked the lost dog from Michigan. Each time they got close, her survival instincts kicked in and she […]

Share  [info from Fleetowner.com] 1) Driver shortage: This will continue unabated. Some fleets are starting to put other kinds of incentives beyond signing bonuses in place. The truth is that signing bonuses have proven to be only moderately successful. We will see more things like mileage bonuses, longevity bonuses, safety bonuses and other performance-based incentives rewarding […]

Share  [info from DynamicTransit] Truck drivers and chronic back pain go hand in hand due to long hours in the seat and near-constant vibrations from the road. There are easy stretches and adjustments drivers can make throughout the day to make truck driving friendlier to your back. Before you get out of bed There are some […]

[info from hotcars.com] Share 1) I-80 IN NEBRASKA 3) COLORADO’S MILLION DOLLAR HIGHWAY While absolutely stunning, and perhaps one of the more scenic roads out there, Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway is a treacherous road that has steep grades, tight turns, and a worrying lack of guard rails in many places. There’s a reason many truckers don’t […]

Share We know it’s tough to be on the road for so long and to also try and stay fit. That’s why we have been trying to figure out the best way to help you. Peter choked back tears of frustration when the doctor scolded him — AGAIN — about how much danger his weight […]

Share [From OverdriveOnline.com] Every year I get calls from drivers who encounter bad weather on the road, refuse to drive until conditions improve and are fired as a result. Here are common questions I get. Do I have the right to refuse to drive in dangerous road conditions? Under the employee protection provision of the […]

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