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  Advances in safety technology, automation, and telecommunication are increasing the number of younger truck drivers that are entering the trucking industry. Younger drivers tend to be more engaged with user-friendly technologies, so the adoption of driver-assist systems and state-of-the-art communications is a draw for young recruits interested in trucking.   The trucking industry is […]

  Winter often bring atrocious weather conditions on the roads that you can’t always predict. And while you can’t prevent harsh temperatures, snow, ice and de-icing chemicals, you can take precaution to get your vehicle prepared for the bad weather that inevitably lies ahead. Here are 10 tips to help mitigate the effects of winter […]

Declaring that it was “designed like a bullet”, Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Semi truck November 16, 2017, at a launch event. The heavy-duty electric freight vehicle has a 500 mile range, can haul 80,000 pounds, and has semi-autonomous capabilities. The minimalist-designed vehicle looks very futuristic and sleek. It is a fully electric Class 8 […]

It’s flu season – time for truck drivers to get a flu shot. Getting a flu vaccine is the best way to protect yourself from the flu. A flu vaccine can prevent missed work, doctor’s visits and the discomfort of being sick. Truck drivers are specifically advised to get a flu vaccine as soon as […]

Does your butt go numb while driving in your cab? Do you have chronic neck and low back pain? Is your backside a little droopy? If so, you just might have gluteal amnesia, or dead butt syndrome. Thankfully, you don’t have to quit driving to end the pain and discomfort. Just follow these tips to […]

  The shortage of qualified truck drivers is the number one concern for motor carriers, according to a report issued October 24, 2017 by the American Trucking Research Institute (ATRI.) This concern displaces the number one concern of 2016 – electronic logging devices (ELD). Every year, ATRI conducts a survey and distributes a report that […]

It’s Friday afternoon and you’re on a tight schedule to make a delivery in 20 minutes. Traffic is heavy. All of a sudden your rig just shuts down. You’re sitting dead in the center lane of an expressway, blocking traffic. There was no warning, no red or yellow lights. Your truck just quit. You’re wondering […]

  Many people do not realize how essential stretching is for overall health. As a truck driver, you should consider add stretching to your daily routine, even if you’re not planning to exercise. There are multiple benefits to taking the time to stretch your body, especially after a day spent in the cab.   Stretching […]

  Everyone can agree that the trucking industry is one of the most heavily regulated in the U.S., apparently even including the Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Highway Administration (FHWA.) The FHWA is currently seeking public comments on a regulatory revision that would redefine what constitutes an “automobile transporter” in order to reduce the burden […]

  We all have guilty pleasure foods we just love. From popcorn, to chocolate and ice cream, these guilty pleasure foods are comforting and delicious. But what do you do if you’re trying to lose weight and get healthy?   Whether you’re on the road or on a break at home, here are 10 guilty […]

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