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  1) Use a fuel card instead of a credit card to fill up With a fuel card you can get 10 to 14 cents off per gallon on top of cash price at the pump.  No interest or annual charges with the card.  Learn more about how fuel cards work. 2) Use a load board […]

1) Shorten Your Idle Time The more you can keep your truck turned off when it is not in use, the better mileage and fuel efficiency you will get.  On average, an idling truck with no load (or non-refrigerated load) will use 0.64 gallons of fuel per hour and 1.51 gallons of fuel per hour […]

Steps to Becoming an Owner Operator   Step 1: File for a DOT and/or MC Number All companies operating commercial vehicles that haul cargo in interstate commerce must be registered with FMCSA and have a DOT number.  Your DOT number is your company’s identifier. Do you need an MC number?  Probably so.  You are required […]

    You’ve probably heard that drinking more water will help you lose or maintain your weight and improve your health. Is this true or is this a myth? It’s true. Drinking an adequate amount of water will help you lose or maintain your weight because water helps: Boost your metabolism Cleanse your body of […]

7 Seated Stretches for Truck Drivers to Relieve Neck Pain   Being on the road can be brutal on a driver’s back, shoulders, and especially neck. As a truck driver, your body suffers the strain of having to sit for long periods of time. Often, your neck can be the area of your body that […]

Lower Your Expenses by Keeping Truck Tires Inflated to the Correct Level   When it comes to truck maintenance, safety and repair, there are many details an owner-operator or small fleet owner must track. Miles-per-gallon (to the nth degree), extended maintenance cycle, and much more. The same goes for truck tire inflation. Too much or […]

How to Be a Healthier Owner Operator   Driving a commercial truck is, for the most part, a sedentary way of life. The long periods of time driving on the road can easily lead to weight gain. Excessive weight can lead to a large number of health problems; by the same token, losing weight can […]

  The steady growth in e-commerce continues to disrupt long-established transportation models. The shopping patterns of consumers in the U.S. today has changed radically. Consumers are increasingly choosing shorter delivery cycles, resulting in a number of challenges for truckers. It’s not just consumer goods like clothing and electronics that are in demand from online sales. […]

  Anheuser-Busch, the nation’s largest brewer, has ordered up to 800 electric semi-trucks from the Nikola Motor Company. The trucks will start rolling out beginning in 2020 and are part of a commitment by the company to convert its entire U.S. long-haul fleet to renewable power by 2025. The company has a long history of […]

    Now that the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate is in effect, owner operators are reporting a plethora of frustrations with the quirks of their ELDs. Though plenty of new ELD users report no significant issues, others have experienced problems such as software glitches, dropped Bluetooth connections, and unresponsive customer service departments.  There have been reports […]

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