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Business owners understand that accidents are expensive and are best avoided. Yet few fully appreciate the total cost to the business if one of their commercial truck drivers is directly involved. More Than Just Vehicle Damage First, it is important to understand that the costs of an accident usually includes more than just vehicle damage. Some of the […]

This summer, the Obama administration proposed another regulation that would have a positive impact on climate change. These new EPA fuel reduction and emission standards will help reduce the 2.7 million barrels of fuel consumed per day by the US trucking industry. It will also help commercial fleet owners of all sizes save money. Fuel […]

It costs less to keep an existing employee than it does to replace them. This is a fundamental component of employee management. But did you know that transportation businesses reap additional benefits from employee retention? When you increase retention, you decrease the number of driver-related crashes for your fleet. High Turnover Rate The commercial transportation […]

Young drivers, interstate drivers, and excess of service drivers are statistically most at risk of being involved in a crash. In the case of young drivers, this can actually present an opportunity – if their at-risk behavior is tempered, commercial fleet owners have the ability to instill proper driving habits in a group of employees […]

The transportation industry experiences frequent and significant shifts in regulatory changes. Public perception and fleet reputation are always at risk. Non-compliance with safety and security mandates at the local, state, or federal level can crush independent owner operators and large fleets alike. There’s never been a more important time to stay abreast of court rulings, […]

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