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Nearly three out of ten commercial drivers suffer mild to severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) – and most don’t even know it. That’s one reason this respiratory disorder poses such a vexing problem for commercial carriers. Thinking the daytime sleepiness they’re experiencing is normal, many drivers have no idea they have a medical condition that […]

Although fleets will have two years to equip their vehicles with Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) when the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issues its final rule on the devices October 30, businesses should start planning now to implement a solution well before the deadline. As many as 3.1 million trucks and 3.4 million drivers […]

You may have heard of a Safety Climate. This new term has become popular as a way to reduce injuries in manufacturing and other industries. Commercial trucking businesses can adapt this popular trend as a way to improve the safety of the drivers in your fleet. What is a Safety Climate? A Safety Climate is […]

New drivers need to learn how to drive safely and become valuable employees at your organization. Current employees need to know that your company appreciates them and they are an important part of the organization. By creating a mentorship program for your commercial fleet, your company can instill proper driving habits in your new employees […]

Cargo theft costs American businesses at least $30 billion annually, according to the FBI. Carriers and retailers alike are reluctant to fully report theft because they fear damaging their brand, losing clients, or raising their insurance rates. “Freight at rest is freight at risk” may be a truism of the business, but it’s nevertheless an […]

With the stringent regulations regarding hours of service and the recent driver shortage, small commercial fleet owners are hard pressed to remain competitive. If your company is trying to win more long haul delivery contracts, you may want to consider a team approach. Meet Delivery Requirements A fleet that utilizes driving teams can meet delivery requirements […]

The federal government, insurance carriers, and even transportation companies have praised onboard video systems as a way to reduce the risk of collision. However, the costs can be prohibitive and many drivers fear that companies will use the cameras as a way to spy on employees. Can the benefits of installing video monitoring equipment outweigh […]

Business owners understand that accidents are expensive and are best avoided. Yet few fully appreciate the total cost to the business if one of their commercial truck drivers is directly involved. More Than Just Vehicle Damage First, it is important to understand that the costs of an accident usually includes more than just vehicle damage. Some of the […]

This summer, the Obama administration proposed another regulation that would have a positive impact on climate change. These new EPA fuel reduction and emission standards will help reduce the 2.7 million barrels of fuel consumed per day by the US trucking industry. It will also help commercial fleet owners of all sizes save money. Fuel […]

It costs less to keep an existing employee than it does to replace them. This is a fundamental component of employee management. But did you know that transportation businesses reap additional benefits from employee retention? When you increase retention, you decrease the number of driver-related crashes for your fleet. High Turnover Rate The commercial transportation […]

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