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The shortage of qualified commercial truck drivers has become a pressing issue for fleets across the US. The lack of drivers impacts both trucking companies and consumers as the cost of transporting goods continues to rise. One way companies can resolve this issue is by instituting a buddy program that matches senior drivers with new […]

The recent shortage of qualified truck drivers has forced commercial trucking companies to enact creative hiring practices. One hiring practice you may consider is hiring inexperienced drivers to fill open positions. Inexperienced drivers can fill open seats, but they also expose your organization to potential risks. Risks of Hiring Inexperienced Drivers When demand outstrips supply, […]

If you provide company cars for your employees, then you need to find ways to offset costs by reducing risks. Work related traffic crashes happen because of distracted driving, fatigue, aggressive driving and alcohol use. Educate your employees on unsafe driving practices and protect your business fleet with these safety procedures. Employees need to understand […]

In a recent post, we discussed Occupational Accident Coverage. Companies in the trucking industry need this additional insurance because employees are often misclassified as owner operators. In fact, 30% of companies misclassify employees as independent contractors. In order to ensure that the owner operators you work with aren’t considered employees by State and Federal laws, […]

Traditional business insurance policies don’t cover all forms of accidents, injuries and deaths that occur in the workplace. If you own a trucking business and hire owner operators to transport your loads, they aren’t covered under Worker’s Compensation. In the trucking industry, companies need occupational accident coverage to protect owner operators who are injured or […]

If all goes well in the final phase of a research program led by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), wireless roadside inspections (WRI) may soon be implemented nationally. Scheduled to start at the end of this year and be completed in 2017, field tests of the Wireless Roadside Inspection program will involve 1,000 […]

If you are an owner/operator or a company that has contracts with owner/operators, it is important to understand additional liability insurance policies, such as non-trucking liability insurance (NTL). Primary Liability Companies who have lease agreements with owner operators need to carry primary liability insurance. This will help cover the truck and the driver while performing […]

There has been a growing trend in the trucking industry that many businesses don’t understand. It often goes unreported because the victims are reluctant to admit they’ve been duped. However, this trend affects businesses in many different industries, from the manufacturers, to shippers to commercial fleet owners. Cybercrime in the Trucking Industry Consumers and businesses […]

The transportation industry has experienced of number of shifts in the past several months, from regulatory changes to growing driver shortages. Staying current with the issues can help your fleet to avoid non-compliance penalties, common hiring mistakes, operational pitfalls, and more. Here are a few of our most popular blog articles on these and other […]

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics released the 2015 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) recently. It shows that there was an increase in fatal work related injuries across the board. The highest work injury rate was in the driver and truck driver occupation. This means an increase in costs for business and commercial fleet […]

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