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[info from hotcars.com] Share 1) I-80 IN NEBRASKA 3) COLORADO’S MILLION DOLLAR HIGHWAY While absolutely stunning, and perhaps one of the more scenic roads out there, Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway is a treacherous road that has steep grades, tight turns, and a worrying lack of guard rails in many places. There’s a reason many truckers don’t […]

Share We know it’s tough to be on the road for so long and to also try and stay fit. That’s why we have been trying to figure out the best way to help you. Peter choked back tears of frustration when the doctor scolded him — AGAIN — about how much danger his weight […]

Share [From OverdriveOnline.com] Every year I get calls from drivers who encounter bad weather on the road, refuse to drive until conditions improve and are fired as a result. Here are common questions I get. Do I have the right to refuse to drive in dangerous road conditions? Under the employee protection provision of the […]

With a little training and practice, probably most people can manage to drive a tractor-trailer. However professional truck driving is more than just getting a vehicle from Point A to Point B. Great truck drivers are much more than mere steering-wheel holders. In the Eagle Ford Shale play, driving a heavy vehicle with its cargo of costly supplies and […]

[info from businessinsider] An unpopular law, a lack of parking, too much waiting at warehouses, and a litany of other frustrations are driving truckers to plan a strike on April 12. First reported by CDL Life, truck drivers are organizing the strike in a Facebook group called “Black Smoke Matters.” It has more than 9,000 members. Last year was […]

[info from DAT] Share Four months before the ELD mandate took effect on Dec. 18, 2017, DAT surveyed TruckersEdge users to learn how they planned to deal with the new regulation. Most of the respondents were owner-operators and small carriers, and 30% of them said that they would leave the industry rather than use an ELD.  That […]

​Share [info from PBS News Hour] The trucking industry has long faced a driver shortage, in part because of high risk, low pay and long hours. The rise of autonomous vehicles could alleviate that problem–but it could also eliminate jobs for a population of older men who lack college degrees and might have difficulty finding […]

Share Roady, a handsome trucking Rottweiler, wasn’t getting much sleep. Every night he stood guard over his owner, Tim Blevins, waiting for him to stop breathing. Blevins, a trucker from Cleveland, Okla., didn’t know he had severe sleep apnea, but several times a night Roady jammed his wet nose into Blevins’ face, startling the breath […]

Share Romaine lettuce is shipping again after a late November outbreak of E. coli, but only after the federal government began a new round of negotiating with producers for changes in tracking. For now, romaine lettuce that has been deemed safe to eat will come with labeling, and include where the lettuce comes from. Federal […]

Here’s what you might expect to see driving I-80 near Laramie, Wyoming: long stretches of highway framed by rolling hills and trucker after trucker making their runs, hauling everything from fuel to furniture. Billboards advertise where they can gas up.  What you might not expect is that the trucker in the next lane is wearing […]

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