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5 Places Truckers Are Afraid To Drive

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Nebraska is one of the most dangerous states for truck drivers in the nation, due almost entirely to the weather and harsh road conditions that result from it. The high winds in the open spaces prove to be a huge danger, leading most truckers to be rightly afraid.
The only other state that has similar winds is Wyoming, with the same kind of open space. In Nebraska, the winds blow, as pictured above, and it’s only made worse with winter ice. A rollover or a skid is nigh inevitable in those conditions.


For truckers driving in mid-spring to early summer, driving anywhere on any of the highways throughout Tornado Alley, a rather large area in the US midwest, stretching between Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and the fringes of the bordering states.
Hail, extreme wind, tornadoes, rain, flooding, it all leads to a terrible driving experience, and truckers are rightly afraid to drive through this danger zone when the weather is bad. Avoiding it often in the best interests of truckers, if possible.


While absolutely stunning, and perhaps one of the more scenic roads out there, Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway is a treacherous road that has steep grades, tight turns, and a worrying lack of guard rails in many places. There’s a reason many truckers don’t like this road.

Beyond don’t like, they are afraid of. It’s often ranked as one of the most dangerous roads. There’s some mystery as to where the name comes from, whether it’s the million dollar views, the cost of the road’s construction, or the local legend that a woman drove it and came down, saying that she wouldn’t take a million dollars to drive the road ever again.


When it comes to driving in Florida, there aren’t a lot of routes that many drivers would be too keen on driving, due to congestion and traffic. Besides, no one actually wants to spend a lot of time doing, well anything in Florida. Besides relaxing on a beach.

Things are a little different for Interstate 4 in Florida, as this is a highway many truckers are afraid of driving on. Consistently ranked at the top of the list of most deadly highways in the US, as well as seeing almost two deaths per every mile last year, it’s really no wonder that truckers are afraid.


While it might not seem like all that dangerous of a place, North Dakota is especially dangerous for truckers, not as much for other people. The death toll for truckers in North Dakota, according to businessinsider.com, is a startling 8.8%, compared to the national average around 2%.

Why is it so high? Most fatalities relate to the state’s oil boom, and the amount of transportation traffic that engenders and creates. If a trucker has to take a route through this northern state of the US, they best be on the lookout, paying extra attention to the roads.

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