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34 Tools for the Ultimate Trucker Tool Kit


Every trucker, no matter if they are an owner operator or a company driver, needs a well put together tool kit.  We have compiled a list of some of the most essential tools every driver needs as well as some that drivers should have for those “once in a blue moon” situations.  See if there is anything you can add to your tool kit or contact us to let us know if there is something else you recommend drivers carry.


1) Vice Grips

For instances when you need a tight grip on something.


2) Duct Tape

You never know when you might need some duct tape.


3) Light Test Kit

Don’t get anymore tickets for having a light out!


4) Box Knife



5) Multi-Head Screwdriver


6) Socket Set


7) Bungee Cords


8) Adjustable Wrenches


9) Zip Ties


10) Electrical Tape


11) Heat Shrink Tape


12) Lighter

To heat up your shrink tape.


13) Extra Roll of Wire

Good to have on hand in case you need it.


14) Extra Jug of Oil

Always a must to have in the truck.


15) Extra Jug of Coolant

Also a necessity.


16) Silicone


17) Rags

It can get messy when doing DIY repairs on your truck.


18) Booster Cables

You hope you don’t have to use them, but you are glad you have them.


19) Tire Air Gauge

Keeping your tires at the correct air pressure can save you TONS of money on fuel and keeps your tires’ tread looking good.  Read “Lower Your Expenses by Keeping Truck Tires Inflated to the Correct Level” for more information.


20) Tire Depth Gauge

To see how long you have left on your tires or if you need to get more tires.


21) WD-40

You need some sort of lubricant like WD-40.


22) Flash Light

An absolute must!


23) Rubber Hammer


24) Mallet Hammer

For times you need a little extra “umph!”


25) Allen Key Set


26) Smaller Hose Clamps

Need these when you are fixing leaky hoses with joint fitters.


27) Joint Fitters


28) Spare Fuses


29) Spare Turbo Hose Clamp


30) Spare Turbo Hose


31) Spare ECM

Not absolutely necessary but useful if yours goes out so you can at least pull off to the side of the road.


32) Spare Headlights

Your headlights going out at night could be a bad situation.


33) Spare Fuel Filters


34) Fuel Filter Wrench


35) Tool Box

With all these tools you need some sort of tool box.  Here is the ultimate tool box we found that is perfect for your truck.


With all these tools and spare parts, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars and countless hours having to wait for someone to bring help to repair.  Stay prepared and keep truckin’!


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