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6 Plank Exercise Variations Easy for Truckers to do While on the Road



The plank pose is one of the best core exercises you can do, and it’s an easy exercise for truckers to do while on the road. These plank exercise upgrades will deliver killer head-to-toe body-shaping benefits.


1.      Plank pose with toe taps

If you want to help tone your glutes and inner thighs, try incorporating some toe taps into your plank pose. This exercise will also engage your shoulder and lower back muscles.

  • Start in the basic plank pose.
  • Alternate move each leg one to two feet to the side every 2 seconds.
  • Tap and return to starting position.


2.      Plank punch

Get in some side-ab strengthening with this plank modification. Not only does this move reshape your deltoids, but it also limits the tendency to rotate your hips, reshaping your oblique muscles.

  • Start in the basic plank pose.
  • Every 2 seconds, alternate throwing a punch forward (in front of your head). Don’t let your hips rotate.


3.      Plank with hip rotations

This plank exercise emphasizes rotational stability and helps develop your external obliques. It involves touching your hip bones to the ground which also engages your shoulders and lower back.

  • Start in the basic plank pose.
  • Push your hips 1 to 2 inches higher.
  •  Every 2 seconds, rotate your hips to the ground, alternating your right and left sides.


4.      Low plank to high plank

Like a push up, this is a great chest workout move. This dynamite exercise will help you strengthen your core by focusing on resisting the tendency to rotate, also developing upper body strength.

  • Start in a low plank pose (called an elbow plank) with forearms on the floor.
  • Push up with one arm at a time into a high plank while maintaining control.
  • Check to make sure your shoulders are stacked over your elbows and your body is in one straight line.
  • Lower one forearm to the floor at a time.
  • Repeat for 20 to 30 seconds, then switch the order.


5.      High planks with shoulder taps

This plank variation will help you reshape your abs and obliques, while engaging your triceps, chest, shoulders and lower back.

  • Start by laying flat on the ground in a prone position.
  • Extend your arms into a push-up position, and press on the floor to raise your body to a plank pose. While in a high plank pose, alternate bringing your hands across your chest and tap the opposite shoulder.
  • Make sure your movements are controlled and your core remains stable.


6.      High plank with knee taps

This version of a plank will sculpt your upper body while at the same time forcing your core to stay active throughout the entire movement.

  • Begin by starting in a high plank pose with arms fully extended to the floor.
  • Shift your weight to the balls of your feet so that your hips move up towards the sky (and slightly back toward your feet).
  • Next, take your left hand and touch your right knee, keeping your form.Repeat the process on the opposite side.


Plank exercises require strength and endurance for your abs, back and core. The plank is one of the best exercises for core conditioning, but they also support proper posture, improve balance and strengthen your glutes and hamstrings. And perhaps the best part is that no special equipment is required. You may want to perform your plank exercises on a yoga mat or other clean, flat surface that isn’t too rough. Avoid practicing the full version of a plank pose if you have carpal tunnel or osteoporosis and always work within your own range of limits and abilities. If you have any medical concerns, talk with your doctor before engaging in any exercise program.


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