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greenhouse gas truckSupply chain sustainability and green logistics are two terms that have become commonplace in the effort to combine protecting the environment with supply chain strategies. As a vital part of the goods and services lifecycle, commercial trucking industries need to look at their carbon footprint.

Supply Chain Sustainability

Supply chain sustainability can be used to improve a company’s return on investment when coupled with the right supply chain strategies. The supply chain sustainability is defined as looking at the environmental, societal and economic impact of a company’s goods and services lifecycle.

Green Logistics

Green logistics is another term that has sprouted from organizations looking at sustainable supply chain strategies. Green logistics considers the ecological impact of the product lifecycle and how companies can reduce their carbon footprint during the creation, transportation and disposal of goods and services.

Green Commercial Fleets

Organizations consider the green and sustainability policies of their shipping partners when reviewing their supply chain sustainability. If your commercial fleet doesn’t practice green logistics, then a company may pass you over for a competitor who does. There are many ways that you can make your commercial trucks sustainable, including:

  • Converting trucks for alternative fuels
  • Using GPS and fleet management to create routes that reduce fuel consumption
  • Using idling control technologies to reduce unnecessary idling

Green logistics strategies will not only reduce your carbon footprint it will also improve your competitive advantage. To learn other strategies that will improve your company’s ROI, contact the experts at Alexander & Alexander.