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Sleeping lorry driver

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) discovered that driver fatigue has played a part in many of the major crashes over the last few years. Their concern has led to the board making fatigue the number one issue they want to deal with in 2016.

Fatigue Involved in 20% of Major Crashes

Of the over 180 major crashes investigated by the NTSB, fatigue played a part in 20% of them. Driver fatigue wasn’t always the main cause behind the crash, but it often played a part or was one of the factors that helped contribute to the crash.

What NTSB Wants to do in 2016

There are many ways that the NTSB wants to address the issue of driver fatigue in 2016. They would like to see an increase in electronic devices installed in commercial vehicles that record hours of service and they want to initiate an education program that discuss the causes of driver fatigue. The NTSB also wants commercial fleet companies to establish and monitor risk management programs that address driver fatigue issues in their organizations.

2013 HOS Rules

After the transportation bill was passed last year, the FMCSA is due to report to Congress in 2013 to reveal how the new Hours of Service (HOS) rules originally slated for 2013-2014 would improve safety, scheduling and other transportation related factors. Currently, commercial trucking companies are required to follow the HOS rules from June 2013 while the FMCSA is studying the suspended HOS rules.

Risk management programs should be reviewed for effectiveness after they are instituted within an organization. Not only will this help improve driver safety, it will also affect your insurance rates. To explore other ways you can reduce your firm’s trucking insurance rates, contact the experts at Alexander & Alexander.

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