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Are you a Texas truck driver who has lost your job due to the effects of Hurricane Harvey or do you know a driver who has suffered loss due to the storm?

Hurricane Harvey has caused widespread, catastrophic damage in Texas and along the Gulf Coast and a Utah-based trucking company wants to help.

The State of Texas has already started one of the largest disaster missions the nation has ever seen. According to FEMA officials, it is likely to be a long process. Survivors are facing challenges finding shelter, food, basic emergency supplies, transportation, medication and more.

What made Hurricane Harvey so devastating was the scale of flooding that occurred. Flooding that may have damaged a truck driver’s way to earn a living – his or her rig. And one Utah company wants to make a difference in the lives of truck drivers who can no longer support themselves due to the havoc caused by the storm.

Clearline Transportation, a trucking company based in Salt Lake City, is offering experienced drivers that have a current commercial driver’s license (CDL) full-time work as well as help with relocation costs on a temporary or permanent basis.

Clearline’s CFO Mason Neiderhauser gave this statement:

“I started receiving text messages and phone calls from some of our drivers offering to help or wondering if we could do something as a company. We are in a unique situation where we have a lot of work available and can help people get back on their feet. Offering these good paying jobs to those who are unemployed because of this tragedy just felt right.”

Clearline Transportation has stated that qualified drivers can earn as much as $70,000 per year in addition to benefits. Contact Clearline Transportation at 1-800-352-8002 or email them at if you would like to learn more about this special offer only for Hurricane Harvey survivors.

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